December 25, 2017

How to Download on ASLAM.apk Files?

Thank you for visiting ASLAM APK Files - Here we will explain a little how to download apk file in this simple blog.

About Link

All the download links that are in this blog is a link that I have shortened with shorter links from adf.ly and ouo.io and some shorter links without ads ie bit.ly.

How to Download?

To download an app, there may be new tabs that will open in either mobile, tablet or desktop view.

Link Adf.ly - How to download apps using links from adf.ly is very easy, click on apk file> wait a few seconds> then click skip or skip.

* Tip: If there is a tab open, it is advisable not to immediately close the tab, check first then close that does not lead to the original link apk file.

Link ouo.io - How to download apps from ouo.io link shortener is very easy, if using ad-block or ads blocker then just wait 3 second or more then click next or skip, but usually there will be Captcha verification "Not Robot" but just just follow the directions and click verify or continue.

* Tip: same with adf.ly, do not hurry to close the open tab, check first and then close that is not lead to the application download link.

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