December 20, 2017

KPN Tunnel Rev v1.0 - New Revolution 2018

KPN Tunnel Rev v1.0 - New Revolution 20 December 2017


Good news for internet users based on VPN that has been released KPN Tunnel Revolution v1.0 Latest Version on December 20, 2017 by the developer KPN Tunnel from Indonesia. The Injector Header is very much anticipated and finally this day has appeared as well. 

Confused looking on Playstore? Just type KPNTunnel Revo for keywords.

What The KPNTunnel Rev v1.0? :
Download KPN Revo v1.0 New
What the "Revolution" project/series/edition of KPNTunnel ??? > Continuously project with more experiment and new fresh lightweight style project for KPN Tunnel (Official). > Pure write from zero for better performance core and better lightweight style. > First App tunneling through built-in SSH Tunnel over SSL/TLS Connection. (why ? . i know SSH Tunneling is secure, but we feel it's not enough so we added more secure method with SSL/TLS connection). You can see how to use SSH Tunnel over SSL/TLS in "About" of this App. * Features: + Direct Proxy. (Tunneling through SSH Tunnel Directly to SSH Server). + Direct SSL/TLS. (Tunneling through SSH Tunnel Directly to SSH Server over SSL/TLS Connection). + HTTP Proxy .(Tunneling through SSH Tunnel over HTTP Proxy) + SSL/TLS Proxy. (Tunneling through SSH Tunnel over SSL/TLS Proxy). + SSL/TLS Proxy > HTTP Proxy. (Tunneling through SSH Tunnel with TLS/SSL over HTTP Proxy). + many more... Bugs/Issue ? - Android 4.0 Only support TLSv1 and SSLv3 only (Android System), so your TLS/SSL server must be used/enabled TLSv1 and SSLv3. - Android 4.1-4.2 TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2 not enabled by System Default like Android 5.0+, so we add force enabling TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2 for more secure update. - If found other issue(s)/bug(s), please contact me. :) * Need Rooted Device ? > Some features is needed like: + VPN Tether (bypass all Hotspot Tether through Vpn Interface). + and soon we add more features. * SSH+SSL Server Requiment: + If use TLS/SSL mode you must be install and setup the stunnel4 library. you can get the original stunnel4 library in http://stunnel.org. + You can search "how to setup/install stunnel4" in search engine like google, yahoo, bing, etc for your OS used by your Virtual Private Server (VPS). + In Proxy Type Mode "Direct TLS/SSL" & " TLS/SSL Proxy > HTTP Proxy" please setup stunnel to connect with ssh (dropbear/openssh) server port. + In Proxy Type Mode "TLS/SSL Proxy" please setup stunnel to connect with squid port. + We Recommended to enable all TLS and SSL protocol version for keep support with android 4.0 until newer, why ? See issue/bugs on above. * TLS/SSL Client Side (KPNTunnel Revolution App): + We use method of TLS/SSL Socket using TrustAll Cert (X509 Certificate), so you don't need a client key & cert from SSL Server. I know this method is less secure, so in other version of update we can add support client key & cert for get better secure connection. :) Cannot Find On Google? Please Klik : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=kpn.soft.dev.kpnrevolution

Interface KPN Tunnel Rev v1.0

KPNTunnel Rev v1.0 File Information

Version: 1.0 for Android 4.4+ (Kitkat, API 19)
Update on: 2017-12-19
Size: 1.97MB
Profil: https://m.facebook.com/Choliezt.a7xSnapseed apk safe verified

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